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Dancing Angels - Gästebuch

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On parle aussi toujours des faucons…Pourtant, il y en a de vrais !Le faucon lui-même d’ailleurs en est un… qui accepte sans barguigner de chasser pour son « maître » !A ce propos… Conjuguez-vous ce beau verbe (barguigner) autrement qu’à l’infinitif et sans le faire précéder de « sans » ?Pourtant, j’aurais aimé que nous barguignassions de temps à autre.Allons… lâchons-nous un peu ! Barguignons !

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By the way the next season when they didn’t have Dunleavy and Murphy dragging down the stats their defense was even worse.2007 Defensive FG % .4612008 Defensive FG % .468You are running out of excuses.

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It’s just something I heard. I think they don’t pick everyone, but do pick more than you would think they would. I don’t know if this guy had it right.

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Veldig enig! Hvorfor skulle man ikke få velge slik at det passer for en selv... Det er helt håpløst!Skjønner godt at du hisser deg opp! Vi snakket faktisk akkurat om dette da jeg leste bloggen din igår kveld, og det stemmer veldig godt...Mannen vil gjerne jobbe, og barnet trenger jo moren mest det første året.. Så hvorfor! Hvorfor gjøre det så vanskelig?!!!

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Mä ainakin tykkään lukea sun blogia just tällaisena kuin se on on ollut. Ei blogin välttämättä tarvitse olla minkääntyylinen, mun mielestä omaan blogiinsa saa laittaa mitä itse tahtoo. :) Laita ihmeessä yhä kuvia tänne, osaat valita tosi hienoja ja kiinnostavia kuvia.Mäkään en pidä sanasta postaus, mutten oo keksinyt muutakaan sanaa.. Teksti, merkintä tai jotain? :D


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Lovely images. I too enjoy the stock photos and would like to use the sustainable one for a non-profit newsletter urging students to take action against climate change.

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Niviane 17 febbraio 2012 RispondiBellissimo questo tuo patchwork, complimenti, sai davvero fare tutto!! Sai, anche io ho un pò di spossatezza e apatia questi giorni. Sarà che dietro queste giornate ancora invernali c’è nascosta la primavera e già la sentiamo?!?! Chissà.Un baciotto

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So well written (as usual) Aidan. I guess for me, I just always feel like I could and should do and be more. Be a better, more compassionate wife. Be a more patient mom. Be a more visible and connected friend. Be better at keeping up the house. Be more flexible with my time. And the list goes on and on. We all have to realize that we can only BE so much. We can’t be everything to everyone as much as we want to. We need to chop the word “enough” off of the sentence and say, “I AM GOOD”. There will always be more we can do and be but really, we just expect too much from ourselves.


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I have been given an AMAZING opportunity to be a part of a PHENOMENAL group of creative women who are putting some actions behind our God-sized dreams in 2013. (We’d love for you to join us!)

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martinobriNo, non sempre; come dicevo in un altro thread, i punti di arrivo sono Grandi Questioni Filosofico-religiose 40 %, sesso 60 %E quando si parla di punti di vista filosofici/religiosi sul sesso, l'auditel s'impenna!

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Thank you on behalf of AlanM5049 and myself for those kind words about the video and on behalf of The Duchess & myself for your good wishes for the upcoming year.

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I wish to you a partner. FabTheGab and AericWinter make really good Videos. All bests for both. Can't wait to see how it will be brillaint.YOUTUBE IS THE BEST!

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I made these last night, Amazing!!! they seemed a little bland so I mixed up some cream cheese and sugar and smeared a little on top… AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bonjour,C’est une idée cadeau originale et gourmande ! Cela me fait penser aux porte-clés publicitaires aux formes spéciales qui sont conçus pour interpeller les interlocuteurs des entreprises et ainsi participer à leur notoriété.


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Ce qui est surtout impressionnant (et un bon moyen de les identifier) ce sont leurs nombreuses et très longues pattes vertes (on en voit un bout sur la photo de Bernard).

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Is it just my computer or is Facebook messed up tonight? My computer lets me log on put then when I get to the main page everything is messed up and I cant see the posts by other people…? When I got on Facebook from my phone, everything worked but it was in a different format? What’s up?? Thanks :]

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